On 1st June 2017 The Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations Registered in Wales (2017) was published by the Welsh Government.

At a Board of Management meeting held on 12th September 2017  it was confirmed that  Aelwyd would henceforth, be subject to full regulatory engagement by the Welsh Government.  Subsequently, on the 10th October 2017, the Association was notified that Aelwyd’s first ‘Regulatory Judgement’ would be determined in March 2018.

Over the past decade, due to its small size, (under 250 properties), Aelwyd Housing Association has been deemed ‘de minimis’ and has fallen outside of the full regulatory engagement process. Whilst the Association has now moved to a full assessment process the Welsh Government have stated that any approach to regulation will be proportionate taking into account risk and local circumstances.

A Regulatory Judgement in respect of ‘Governance and Landlord Services’ and ‘Financial Viability’ in respect of Aelwyd will therefore be issued by the Welsh Government on the 28th March 2018. A copy of that Judgement will be provided here immediately following publication.

The ‘Judgement’ awarded in respect of each will be either :-

  1. Standard – (Manages risk appropriately / has financial capacity)
  2. Increased – (Challenges faced & increased oversight required / limited financial capacity)
  3. Intervention – (Significant risk(s) not managed effectively/ viability requirements not met)
  4. Statutory Action – (Statutory action required to effect necessary change)

Welsh Government Housing Regulation –Regulatory Judgement – March 2018:


PDF Link English  –  Aelwyd – Regulatory Judgement – Report – English – Final – 27 03 18

PDF Link Welsh  –  Aelwyd – Regulatory Judgement – Report – Welsh – Final – 27 03 18